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Visa Prepaid Debit Cards

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visa prepaid debit cards

I was very familiar with Visa credit cards as they were very widely used and constantly promoted by all the banks. On the other hand, visa prepaid debit cards was completely alien to me as I had actually never heard of it before until I went for a business conference. I have also been wondering why banks are all out to tackle new customers to obtain a credit card from them. All I could think of what that it was somehow lucrative but did not comprehend the full reason.

I decided to do some research on Google to find out why credit cards were extremely popular as compared to visa prepaid debit cards. After an hour of doing some research, I finally cleared my doubts and found that banks were chasing for credit card customers to get them to spend more and to pay higher interest to the bank. In contrary, banks would not make any profit from visa prepaid debit cards as they simply functioned as a replacement of customers` cash where they spent whatever money they had loaded into the card. Thus, banks were not keen on promoting this product at all.

During my online search, I came across Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card. It was a USA company and specialized solely in providing visa prepaid debit cards to customers simply by signing up online. In addition, there was no necessity for the company to have my bank account details as all they did was provide the service of the debit card. To double check, I asked around my friends and found that this card was actually from a very reliable and reputable company.

I signed up online and received my card within 7 days. There was a small activation fee but many other essential services were free or charge. Unlike other visa prepaid debit cards, Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card offered a lot more benefits. For example, I could track my past transaction simply by logging on to my online account any time of the day. There were also free alerts via SMS and email to keep me updated of my current balance each time I spent money using my debit card. The part that I loved most was the FREE Bill Pay which allowed me to pay all my bills online without any hassle of traveling to queue up to pay.

Loading cash into the card is not a problem as I can do it at many retail outlets such as Wal-Mart whenever I go shopping. There are many other functions for this card like being able to transfer money to another card and ATM balance enquiry. Some of them require a small fee but the company has been very fair and transparent by clearly laying out all their fees on the website.

Visa Premier Prepaid Visa Card offers free customer service and you can settle all your card problems immediately via telephone. Overall, I am very satisfied with his card as it also helps me to control and manage my spending. Instead of incurring a bill or debt at each month, I am able to load in whatever amount I have already budgeted for.

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