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Visa Prepaid Credit Card

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visa prepaid credit card

In my opinion everyone that isn't able to meet the requirements for a visa credit card should get a visa prepaid credit card. On second though what i mean to say is that everyone that can't or doesn't want to get a credit card should get a visa prepaid credit card. Not only is it easy to apply and get approved for as there is practically no prior requirements but it can come in extremely useful.

I have aVision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card which I got a few months ago. At first I applied for it simply because I could, you see I used to own a few credit cards but i got into debt from overspending. I'm in the red for about $5000, well me and the banks have sorted it out and I am now slowly paying of my debt in installments. But for the meantime I can't apply for any new credit cards as my name had been blacklisted by the financial remidiation bureau until i settle of all my outstanding debt. Anyway after i read up on the Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card and found out that i could be approved for one without problem as my financial records were not in question.So without further ado I filled up my application form and just waited in anticipation.

Anyhow once I got the visa prepaid credit card and put in some money into the visa prepaid credit card i started using it. I was pleasently suprised that the card works just like a normal credit card and at any merchant carrying the Visa logo.What this means basically is that this card can be used in lieu of cash at almost anywhere aroud the world, Seeing how well my card worked for me I totally regreted that I didn't find out about debit cards sooner, as if I had got one instead of a credit card earlier i wouldn't have been stuck with a debt. The only difference between a Visa prepaid credit card and a normal credit card is the spending limit, a debit card only allows me to spend as much as i had put in whereas for a credit card i'm spending on credit or loan that i will settle fully or in installments at the month's end for an interest fee. There is no interest charged for using a visa prepaid credit card in fact you collect points that can be exchange for more credit or prizes, the only expenditure you incur will be the application and monthly fees (less than $12) that is a small price to pay for this great card.

So nowadays i can do all my online shopping and bookings with my debit card, i have all the practicality and usability of a credit card without the burden. Anyway I've recomended geting a Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card to all my friends, it really has helped me. That is why i'm writing this little article to help you dear reader weight your choices before you apply for a credit card or at least know that if you can't get a credit card you can always get a debit card. So the choice is yours my friends, i've made mine and i'm not looking back as even when I settle my debts i'm still sticking to my Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card.

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