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Visa Debit Cards

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visa debit cards

As a working adult I have had a number of bad experiences when it came to credit cards. When I first started to work I signed up for 3 credit cards and promptly began to get myself into debt. The banks were constantly harassing me for payments. When I realized that I was getting myself into financial trouble I wisely followed the advice of my father and settled all my overdue credit card debts and cancelled all 3 of them. The thing is, the reason I got myself into trouble was that it was so convenient and easy to use a credit card to pay for stuff without the hassle of carrying cash, not to mention online purchases and bill payments. I knew I would have a rough time without the convenience of my credit cards, or so I though. By chance I came across a promotional flyer on visa debit cards and intrigued I decided to learn more.
By searching the web I was able to find out more on visa debit cards, they provide the same functionality as a normal credit card but restrict the card holder to stay within his or her own budget. Therein lies the beauty of visa debit cards, basically you can`t spend what you don`t have. The visa debit card limits you to how much you have in your visa debit card prepaid account. I decided that I had to get a visa debit card for myself and began to look up card providers.

I finally decided to sign up for a Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card as it offered me the best services among all the cards I had read up on and had a low activation($9.95) and monthly fee($6.95). The Vision Premier visa debit card also allowed me to arrange a free direct deposit from my salary to the card each month thus eliminating the need for me to top up the card at the bank. Now my life is back on track, I save so much time by using my Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card to pay my bills online, book all my plane tickets and do my shopping. For my e-bay purchases I can top up my Paypal account using my debit card. Even if I need to add more money to the card for a large purchase, it`s easy for me to do so with over 100 000 participating retail locations. Also it`s much safer to use my Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card than to carry around large amounts of cash. The card is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted and that means I can use it almost anywhere around the world.

So if you are having problems with getting a credit card or you want to get rid of your credit cards then I suggest you apply for a visa debit card today. Approval is guaranteed as there is no income limit. My Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card certainly made my life much more convenient and I`m sure it can do the same for you too.

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