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Visa Cash Card

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visa cash card

Credit cards, ATM cards, cash cards, cards, cards, cards…Cards rule! Too bad, it is not us, human. Since there are so many types of cards, it is impossible for me to talk about each and everyone of them. Since I have a Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card in hand, I will talk about visa cash cards.

So, what is a visa cash card? Let`s go down the history lane. No worries, this is not a history lesson. It is just a brief history on how the card came about. You will be amazed. The development of a cash card dated back to the 1970s. Never knew it has such a long history. I was not even born yet. Contradicting to common beliefs, it actually started off in France, not America. However, the French cards were too expansive to produce. Hence, America stepped in. Visa introduced its cash card in 1994, embedded with a magnetic strip that carries all the information needed to read the card. It was a cutting edge development in the 90s.

As time goes by, visa developed more versions of cash cards. Visa cash cards are widely available in the marketplace today. Among these visa cash cards, there are Visa Buxx Card, NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card, Walmart MoneyCard, READYdebit Visa Prepaid Card and of course, my Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card. Different cards are tailored for different usages. However, they all carry some common benefits such as safety, convenience and of course, the obvious, they are reloadable.

As it goes by its name, Walmart MoneyCard is tailored for Walmart shoppers. Card holders can enquire about their cards balances at any Walmart register. They can either reload online or deposit their visa cash cards directly at any Walmart cashier. This is very convenient for Walmart shoppers. Too bad, I do not shop at Walmart. Hence, this card is of no use to me.

Visa Buxx Cards are mainly for teenagers. Instead of carrying cash around which is rather dangerous, teens can have their funs with these visa cash cards. Parents do not have to worry their kids being robbed anymore and have one concern off their mind. They can also have control over their kids` cash as they are the ones depositing the cards and have access to review the statements. Honestly, if I am a teenager, I would not like this. But never mind, I am a grown up now. I definitely do not need this visa cash cards.

The NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card is alike the Visa Premier Prepaid Visa Card. However, you can only load your card at 65,000 places. Visa Premier Prepaid Visa Card is much better this way. You can load it at 100,000 places. Though READYdebit Visa Prepaid Card comes in 3 attractive colors, the locations where you can load this visa cash card are even limited. You can only load it at about 50,000 locations. Location versus color, of course location is more important, especially to me. I am a frequent traveler. I travel almost everywhere. Thus, Visa Premier Prepaid Visa Card remains my best choice. Moreover, signature and PIN debit transactions are both free domestic and international. What more can I ask for?

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