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Prepay Credit Cards

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prepay credit cards

Are you sick and tired of all the numerous prepay credit cards that are currently available out there in the market? Do you hate the fact that you have to wait in line to top up your credit cards? Well, I am! I was beginning to think that all these credit cards were such a hassle for me. It brought nothing but trouble. Eventually, I grew fed up with all my existing credit cards that I threw them away. But then, thanks to Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card, my perception regarding prepay credit cards completely altered. Previously, I was so narrow minded about the benefits that I can receive from Visa debit cards. Now I am just over the moon that I have a credit card to call my own, one that doesn`t trouble me like my previous credit cards.

I couldn`t be happier to have my own Vision Prepaid Card as I am now. Due to the emergence of this line of cards, the words prepay credit cards have been given a whole new meaning. For those who are still oblivious about this card, Vision Prepaid Card is a Visa card, which means that cash can be added to the card via Direct Deposit or at participating retail locations. Now I have the liberty of making purchases wherever Visa debit cards are recognized. I count myself very lucky to have subscribed to this wonderful credit card as I am able to pay bills, shop online and also withdraw money at ATMs globally.

What`s great about the Direct Deposit is that it is totally free! Plus, it makes payday even more quick and convenient for all Vision Prepaid Card users. These days, life is easier for me as I can automatically deposit all or part of my paycheck, government or Social Security check straight to my Vision Card account. Nowadays, paydays tend to put a smile on my face because I have instant access to my money. Not only that, I can add cash to my Vision Card at over 100,000 participating retail locations. Fast and efficient! I`m sure you`ll be even more grateful to know that this card also offers PayPal Transfers and Card-To-Card Transfers.

Now, I don`t fret over prepay credit cards anymore. And it`s all thanks to Vision Prepaid Card. Purchasing power is definitely on my side, what with me being able to use my card at grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and more. What`s good to know about this card is that it`s safer to have this than carrying our cash around. If the Vision Prepaid Card is ever stolen, there`s no need for me to go nuts because my money is protected by the Visa Zero Liability policy. Also, I have the liberty of managing my own account every single minute. The most wonderful news of all was when I found out that there`s no check cashing fees and no interest too!

I was also astonished to find out the many free features that come as a package when you subscribe to the Vision Prepaid Card. Not only is there free direct deposit and free bill pay as mentioned above, but there`s also free transaction fees, whereby all signatures and PIN transactions are free. Not to be missed are the free balance alerts, free online account statement, and free customer service.

All other prepay credit cards can move away because Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card is here to stay. Don`t wait any longer, hurry up and sign-up for the card as soon as possible. Believe me, you`ll be amazed with this card just as I still am. It has done wonders for me and I know that it will for you too.

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