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Prepay Credit Card

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prepay credit card

What is a prepay credit card? Basically a prepay credit card is a debit card , which is a card that for all forms and functions can be used like a credit card but only up to the amount loaded into the card. Just think of a prepay credit card as a prepaid mobile phone card for money. Instead of caller credits your money is simply digitized into spending credits. Well who needs one you ask, well if you ask me, I feel that me and everyone else in the world would be better off with one that`s who, a prepay credit card can do wonders for your life. Just look at yours truly. Before life was a drag but now it`s a dance in the park.

Before I got my prepay credit card from Vision called the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card, I was constantly wasting time. Time wasted lining up for almost everything plane tickets, bus tickets, bills and shopping. Now I can do most of it online from the comfort of my bed and for any physical shopping I don`t need to run to the ATM all the time, I just bring my prepay credit card. This debit card has become my indispensable sidekick which I just couldn`t live without just like Batman and Robin.

Anyway not only do I do most of my shopping with this card but I do most of my traveling with it too. This Visa card is accepted worldwide wherever the Visa logo is displayed. Now I have no problems with converting my money to foreign currency or having to carry around large amounts of cash in a strange land. I just whip out my Visa debit card and no problem, if I so happen to lose my card I can easily get a replacement by simply calling and informing the service center that the card has been lost. Not only will the money in the card be safe but so will I as robbers will have their work cut out for them trying to use my modern debit card. Any unusual card activity will be reported to me within a few minutes and the police can trace any would be thieves.

So have I sold you on the concept of having a Vision Visa debit card of your own? You don`t have to believe what I tell you, why don`t you sign up for one and find out for yourself today? Application is simple as there are nearly no basic requirements other than the person applying pay the initial cost of the card. Compared to the hassle of applying for credit cards , applying for a prepaid card is much simpler. If you don`t like the card then you can simply chuck it away, without worries. You see, nothing to lose but if you like me are a normal person then I`m sure you`ll want to keep the card. Then again you may be an alien from mars, haha..i`m just kidding there.

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