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Prepaid Visa Debit Card

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prepaid visa debit card

Are you sick of waiting for your bank to verify your pay check for at least 3 days? Are you sick of not being able to use your debit cards as only selected merchants accept them? Well, I am! There was once when I needed my money urgently to pay off some bills and loans and it took the bank up to 3 days to verify my company`s pay check. I was literally jumping! Currently, I have a debit card in hand and I am sick of it as I can only use it at selected merchants within my country. Being a frequent traveler, this is really a hassle.

However, I happened to come across Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card when I was simply browsing the net while waiting for my friend for dinner. Prepaid visa debit card? I understand "visa", I understand "debit card". But what on earth is a prepaid visa debit card? Thus, I entered the website and started reading. Well, it works just like any other debit card. As we are all aware, visa credit cards are accepted world vide. Thus, you can use this debit card world wide as well. I love it already! One problem solved when I travel overseas.

This is not all this card can offer. Instead of using the check deposit machine at your bank to deposit your check and wait for 3 long working days, you can deposit your check directly into this prepaid visa debit card and you will have immediate access to your money! No check cashing fee as well! Besides your pay check, this card accepts Pay Pal, Western Union, Money Gram etc. transfers as well. With immediate access to your hard earned money, you can pay your bills free! Please do not get me wrong. Free as in no transaction charges alright? Two main problems solved in one card!

Alright, you might now be concerned about the safety of this card. Well, I was robbed once and it was indeed a huge hassle to start calling all my banks to cancel off whatever cards I hold. Well, with this prepaid visa debit card, you can throw all your worries out of the window. Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card is protected by Visa Zero Liability policy when you loose your card.

Worried you have overspent and look stupid over the counter when the merchant tells you, you have 0 balances in your card? Well, worry not, this prepaid visa debit card offers you free account balance alert. You can choose the alert to be sent to your email or your mobile phone. You can also manage your account 24/7 by just login to the website.

Unlike credit cards, you have to wait for the bank to approve your application, this prepaid visa debit card is approval guaranteed! Free transaction fees on bill payments, free check cashing fees, free balance alert, free customer service as well, free, free, free! What are you waiting for? I have already signed up for this card and it took only 7 days for me to receive it. All I can say, no empty promises. This prepaid visa debit card fulfills whatever they claim they can offer. By the way, free card delivery. Another freebie! Visa Premier Prepaid Visa Card sounds like Santa Clause to me already.

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