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Prepaid Debit

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prepaid debit

Out of ideas what to give for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas etc.? Well, ever considered getting a card? Of course not any traditional cards or e-cards! But prepaid debit cards instead. Sounds good? Most prepaid debit card issuers nowadays allow their purchasers to choose their own designs, wordings etc on the cards, recognizing this new usage / idea of a prepaid debit card.

Besides serving as a gift, a prepaid debit card is much safer than carrying your cash around. I was robbed few years ago and have not recovered from the phobia ever since. Whenever a bike rides close, I freak out. If only I had my Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card at that point of time…All these could have been avoided. Being a victim of robbery, of course I do not wish to see this happens to anyone again. Thus, if you have kids, I strongly recommend you getting them prepaid debit cards.

Ever since the usage of credit cards got popular, debts, bankruptcies escalated as well. People just keep swiping and swiping and swiping until they hit their credit limits. "Fine, one card gone, never mind, I have 4 more to go" This is the common thought in most credit card holders` minds. Thus, the swiping goes on and on, leading to hill high debts, leading to bankruptcies and eventually leading to social issues. If you cannot control yourself, let your card controls you then. Load only the amount you can afford into your prepaid debit card and hold on to it like your dear life. Forget about your credit cards. Cut all of them off, leaving only 1 for emergency usage and please bare in mind, never ever touch it unless it is really an emergency. Let me define emergency. When you do not have enough cash to pay at the counter and feeling embarrassed, this is not an emergency. If you come across a selected designer item on sales but do not have ample cash, this is also not an emergency. If you bang into someone or someone bangs into you and hospitalization is needed, this IS an emergency. Hope my definition is clear enough.

There are various prepaid debit card issuers. The Ultimate Debit Card by Netco Teller, a Toronto based company is one of them. However, this card targets the Canada markets. I am not a Canadian, thus, it is rather irrelevant to me. Besides Netco Teller, Visa offers a variety of prepaid debit cards as well. These include virtual Visa debit card, Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card etc. As the word ‘virtual` goes, a physical card does not exist for a virtual Visa debit card. Nothing is physical, including your statements and all other information. Call me old school. I still prefer holding a physical card in hand. Somehow, I just feel safer this way. Since my Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card serves me well, going virtual is out of the question. In fact, I plan to get a Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card for my sister. Knowing her ever since she was wearing her birthday suit, I am seriously out of ideas to get her birthday presents. I believe a prepaid debit card is not only special but useful at the same time.

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