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Prepaid Cash Card

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prepaid cash card

Have you ever found yourself short of cash, needing to pay for something with not an automatic teller in site? Or ever have to climb out the bathroom window when you find you don`t have enough cash to pay for the meal you had in a fancy restaurant? I`m sure this sounds familiar as before I got my prepaid cash card I have been in such and awkward situation many times. This can be potentially embarrassing especially for a stylish girl like me, I just can`t have people see me return stuff from the supermarket counters.

What exactly is a prepaid cash card you may ask, is it the same as a credit card. Well yes and no, while a prepaid cash card or debit card as it is known functions the same as a credit card the user is only spending the money he has transferred into his prepaid cash card account. Thus the user is not spending on credit as in a credit card and cannot spend more than he or she has, which is just one of the advantages of a prepaid cash card. I shudder to think of my life before I got my prepaid cash card from Vision. Life was such a hassle then, lining up to pay for bills, walking in fear of muggers when carrying large amounts of cash, running out of cash in hand when I needed it, the list just goes on and on. It sort of makes me want to cry when I look back.

As a student I do not meet the requirements to apply for a credit card but luckily I was introduced to Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card by a friend. My parents are happy too as now they can use a standing order from their bank to transfer my monthly allowance to my Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card. If I need some extra cash in the middle of the month my parents can use the Western Union at our local supermarket to top up my prepaid Visa card, no need to go and line up at the bank. Even if I lose the card, I wont lose the money inside the card. I just need to call up and report the missing card, the next day I just go and collect a new card with all my money safe and sound. It would be totally different if you lost cash, the chances are slim to none of you ever finding lost cash.

My life has certainly improved for the better with my new debit card and I`m certainly happy to have found out about it. I have more free time to hang out with friends and it makes shopping much easier and safer. I also get to collect bonus points for spending with my Visa debit card to be exchanged with promotional prizes and offers. There`s just one thing that could make this card better, a bigger allowance from my parents. But I guess it would take a miracle to make that happen.

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