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Pre Paid Debit Cards

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pre paid debit cards

As an undergraduate student just beginning to taste independence and living by myself I have had to adapt myself to many situations. Renting a room off campus with my friends we have to pool our resources each month to handle our monthly rental and utility payment. Whilst living with my parents I had no idea such mundane things like bill payments could soak up so much of my time, as the only one of my housemates with transport I have been tasked to pay the bills each month and I can finally appreciate why my father hates to pay the bills. Each month I have to queue up for what seems like hours at the nearest post office to pay all the bills then it's off to the bank to bank in the month's rent, although it's only once a month it was still a big hassle for me so I decided to find a simpler way to carry out my duty.

First I tried to talk my parents into giving me a supplementary credit card with no luck; my father even laughed at me and said he didn't even give my mother a supplementary card. However he did suggest that I try to apply for a pre paid debit cards, I didn't realize there was such a thing as a pre paid debit cards and told him I would look into it. It turns out that the solution to my dilemma was a simple one, all I needed was a pre paid debit cards, as the card was prepaid I wouldn't have to worry about meeting certain criteria like for a real credit card, especially the minimum income part for as a student I basically had to income per say only a small scholarship allowance and the allowance sent by my parents. After looking up a few options I decided I would need a Visa pre paid debit cards as Visa is the most widely used card in the world and as such their pre paid debit cards were also more widely accepted.

Finally I made my choice I decided on Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card as their card offered the most comprehensive package around rivaling even most credit cards and all at a reasonable fee that a student like me could afford. Also my dad could top up the card for me easily each month from our local supermarket using Western Union as before he had to drive to the bank some five kilometers away. With this pre paid debit cards I am now able to pay the bills online at my own convenience and I can also transfer the rental to my landlord's pay pal account online and I don`t have to worry about withdrawing and carrying around large amounts of cash. All said and done that leaves much more time for me to play computer games. I'm sure my dad would approve although I won`t mention it to him. So for all you students out there wishing for a credit card, a visa debit card is the way to go.

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