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Pre Paid Debit Card

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pre paid debit card

I really love shopping and apart from my physical house, the shopping malls and online stores are my second home. I was lucky to come from a well-off family, my grandparents owned a timber logging company and traditionally, my father inherited a share of it. When I was 16, my parents asked if I would like a credit card or a pre paid debit card as a birthday present. I had heard and seen credit cards but the latter was completely new to me. Thus, I decided to check which one would be better before giving them my answer.

I quickly searched up Google for ‘difference between credit card and pre paid debit card`. Instantly, I found many informative websites and I browsed for the ones with concise or short content as I did not have much time to decide. My eyes sparkled the moment I saw one website-basically I would have a higher limit of spending for credit card compared to pre paid debit card which would need to be loaded with cash before using. That would really restrict me compared to the credit card where I could ask my parents for a higher limit and spend all I want. Of course, I told them that I wanted a credit card with a RM 5000 limit per month which they agreed as long as I knew what I was buying.

Many of my friends were jealous as none of them even owned a credit card or even a pre paid debit card as they were only given daily pocket money. My card arrived on the day of my birthday, and I immediately started shopping for things at online stores which were long on my wish list. Over the months, my bills ran up to RM 5000 and sometimes even more, and I was begging my parents to increase the limit. However, they were concerned with my impulsive spending for my young age. I became angry and rebellious until I came out to work and realized how hard it was to earn every cent.

I turned over a new leaf, and made a resolution to spend according to my own budget based on my pay. My colleague then suggested a pre paid debit card to me, called Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card. Basically, it was free to sign up online and I had to load cash into the card before spending. This was the perfect solution for me. I immediately applied for the card and received it in a week. After calling the number on the card to activate it, I decided to check up other features of the card.

I was delighted to find that I could pay my bills online with the FREE bill pay and I set it as a priority to pay all my phone bills before spending on other things. In addition, I had an online account where I could easily check my past transactions. Loading the cash was also not a hassle at all as I could do it any ATM machine or at various retail outlets. Best of all, I would never be running low on cash in my card as I signed up for the free alerts via SMS and email to keep me informed of my balance each time I swiped the card.

Ever since I signed up for Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card, it has really helped me to control and manage my spending. My parents have been so proud of me and even offered me another credit card in addition to my current pre paid debit card. I decided to stick to my debit card for now and learn to budget my expenses so that I too could be successful in the future instead of being a spendthrift. I only buy things that I need and splash once in a while for special occasions.

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