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prepaid cards

Try to Google "prepaid cards". You will be amazed. I thought only Prepaid Master or Visa cards will appear. Well, I was so wrong. I ended up being bombarded by all sorts of prepaid cards such as prepaid game cards, prepaid phone cards, prepaid gasoline cards etc. This key word is proven too unspecific.

I was actually looking for cards alike my Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card. Though I have been holding this card for some time, I just like to keep my options open. Finally, I landed on MasterCard Prepaid Cards` website. Visa`s rival. Well, honestly, their prepaid cards do look interesting with different types of colorful designs. They have prepaid cards for everyday usage, for gift-giving and for travelling. What interest me are their gift-giving prepaid cards. They are more presentable than Visa gift cards. Gift-giving prepaid cards are really in trend now. They save you the hassle of going around hunting for the right gift and mostly ended up with the wrong one; save your energy from trying to be a mind reader when you know you are not. If only Visa could be more creative in their prepaid gift cards, I would stock all of them up at home. As the saying goes, everything that is new or uncommon raises a pleasure in the imagination, because it fills the soul with an agreeable surprise, gratifies its curiosity, and gives it an idea of which it was not before possessed - Joseph Addison. However, this does not mean that I am switching to MasterCard merely for a card`s design. I am not that shallow. Visa should know it is a worthy investment to beautify their prepaid gift cards.

I got to know only recently that Visa does have a prepaid card for travelling alike MasterCard. Guess the dislike of carrying cash and credit cards when you travel has been acknowledged. I am no longer a weirdo. For me, cash and credit cards are simply unsafe. If someone steals my credit cards, they will have access to my revolving accounts. Call me paranoid but I am feeling super uncomfortable merely by this thought already. Comparing MasterCard prepaid travelling card versus Visa Prepaid Travel Card, they offer almost the same benefits. Thus, why switch?

Over all, I would say MasterCard Prepaid Cards` benefits are almost the same as Visa Premier Prepaid Visa Card. They are safe in terms of Zero Liability when you loose your card, convenient, better money management and easily available as no bank accounts are needed. Since my Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card has not failed me to date and MasterCard does not offer anything extremely outstanding, I am sticking to my Visa.

Please note one important fact. Not all prepaid cards are reloadable. Once the funds are depleted, non- reloadable prepaid cards are mere garbage. I am so disappointed knowing the nice and popular American Express gift cards as well as Visa gift cards are actually non-reloadable. American Express gift cards cater to so many occasions and to so many people such as teenagers, kids and even movie lovers like me! How can it be non-reloadable? This is hard to accept. Guess I have to throw the idea of getting an American Express Movie Lovers Gift Card out of the window.

By the end of the day, it is still me and my Visa Premier Prepaid Visa Card. However, "Visa, if you could hear me, please come up with a reloadable prepaid gift card for the sake of our dear planet!" We produce enough garbage everyday already.

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