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pre paid card

It was a cool breezy day when I decided to go shopping at the mall with my family. As the festive season was near, it was customary to get new apparel, as is with all Chinese. Halfway shopping I realized one dire thing, I have maxed all my credit cards out completely, leaving me with no funds to finish what my family and I set out to do. How embarrassing that experience was.

Upon reaching home, I set out to find a permanent solution that would prevent such a catastrophe from ever happening again. I came across a website offering a pre paid card called the Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card. The beauty about this card is the ability to add cash to the account wherever and whenever I want. There are so many options to choose from by which I am able to pump funds into the pre paid card account, such as transferring from PayPal, Card-to-Card transfers between Vision Cardholders, and several other methods.

All I had to do to get the card was register with my personal details, then when the pre paid card arrived I just dial the number on the card to activate it. It is just that simple. Now all I need to do is swipe the card and not worry about my credit being over limit. As long as there are funds in my bank account I am able to transfer them to my Vision account and use that to purchase items just like any other (inferior) credit card.

Now there has to be a catch somewhere right? Aside from the monthly fee of $6.95, activation fee of $9.95, and ATM withdrawal fee of $1.95 per transaction, there are no other significant charges for the pre paid card (unless you plan to cancel the subscription, but why would anyone want to do that?) Better yet, there are no loopholes of any kind, no hidden charges, and no hidden clauses that could mean extra payment.

The pre paid card has tons of free features, examples being free direct deposits, the ability to load all or part of my paycheck to my Vision card and it will arrive instantly each payday, without fail. Another perk is the free balance alerts, whereby I receive free emails and text messages anytime anywhere regarding my account balance. Another wonderful advantage of the Vision Card is the ability to pay bills online for free, imagine no more queuing up in line or waiting for mail to arrive. Last but not least, the customer service is also free! I can ask anything under the sun and still not get billed. I even tried asking the time of day before, and the customer service representative even responded with a friendly gesture.

Whatever the circumstances, the Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card has got me out of tight situations scot-free, and I did not have to pay a single cent extra for its loyal services. I am truly grateful I found this amazing contraption has found its way into my daily life, and I assure you, you will too.

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