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Poor Credit Cards

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poor credit cards

Women, the ultimate cost in terms of upkeep. Men are required to pay for all their own living expenses, and their spouse's. Not only that, there is Valentines - the biggest scam of the year where prices go up tenfold -, their birthdays, Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, April Fools', Easter, Hanukkah(?) And how do we men afford to pay for all these overpriced occasions? We are forced to abuse our poor credit cards.

And out of all these poor credit cards, there is one that has served me well time and time again. It is my Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card. What makes this card so different from the other poor credit cards (I refer to a different poor than previously stated)? It is simply its versatility and inexpensive fees. And with these perks come all the common benefits that credit cards give; free direct deposits, free transaction fees, and free customer service. However, the Vision Card also offers free payment of their bills, free online account statement, and free balance alerts; think no hidden costs and charges.

Of the charges I have to pay, they so meager they are barely worth mentioning. What I mean is the $9.95 activation fee, $0.95 ATM balance enquiry fee, the $1.95 ATM withdrawal fee, and the $6.95 recurring monthly fee. None of the fees exceed $10.00, except the cancellation fee of $14.95 but who in their right mind would commit such madness? Comparing these cheap fees with the hidden costs alone that banks tend to charge me, it is safe to say I am very content with the Vision Card. Having to compete with these kind of prices makes me feel a certain level of pity towards those other poor credit cards that have to compete with the Vision Card.

Another thing I like about this beauty of a credit card is the fact that I am able to add cash into my prepaid account from a variety of options, most distinct would be directly depositing part of all of my paycheck into the account. Another feature is to transfer funds via my PayPal account to my Vision Card. Another option is the card-to-card transfer, which means a Vision Card holder can at any time of day transfer funds to another Vision Card holder. Better yet, all the cash inducing is free of charge, meaning I don't have to pay a single cent for adding funds to my Vision Card.

Overall, I cannot find anything of substance by which I can complain about the Vision Card. I use it for all my transactions now, neglecting the other poor credit cards in my wallet with a ruthlessness never before seen since the dark ages. So sign up for the Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card immediately and sleep soundly knowing that you do not have to worry about the price of that necklace your spouse wants for her birthday, or that ridiculously overpriced once-a-year-only bouquet colored roses that everyone is obliged to buy for Valentine's.

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