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No Credit Check Credit Cards

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no credit check credit cards

When I was young, I never understood how credit cards really worked. All I knew was it seemed so cool when my parents would pay for items simply by presenting the card and getting it swiped by the cashier, signing a receipt and everything is done. It was so easy to buy anything and have endless money to spend. On top of that, I assumed they were no credit check credit cards and my parents told me that there was no need to load any money into the card at all.

When I grew up, I learnt that there was no free lunch. The more that I spent using my credit card; the higher would be the bill arriving at the end of the month. Credit cards were a wonderful tool to make cashless transactions, but dangerous for me as I loved to shop impulsively. Since there were no credit check credit cards where I could monitor how much I have spent, I always tend to spend more than I could actually afford for my monthly expenses. Of course, I could monitor my spending by keeping a record of the bills, but I simply had them all over the place or lost them along the way. The situation became worse when I was unable to repay my monthly credit card bills and started to accumulate a pile of debt.

Thankfully, my parents were considerate and helped me out of all the mess. I was determined to control my spending and to throw out no credit check credit cards. I however still needed a card as I believed that carrying too much cash would be dangerous for large transactions. One of my friends who knew about my problem advised me to apply online for Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card. Basically, it is a card where I have to load cash into the card from my bank account and am only allowed to spend whatever I have in the card. The moment I heard this statement, I knew that this was the right card for me to help manage my spending.

I visited the official website and was impressed with the systematic and user friendly layout. It was absolutely free to sign up for the card which would be delivered to me in 7 days. In addition, loading the cash into the card would not be a problem as I could do it at any ATM machines or at various retail locations. As I read through the website, I found that this option was so much better than no credit check credit cards, as I had an online account where I could see a list of all my transactions. In addition, I could sign up for the free alerts via SMS and email about my current balance on my card.

As soon as my card arrived, I called the number on my card to activate it. After that, I loaded enough cash for a month according to my budget. With that, I prioritized my spending by making sure I had enough to pay my telephone bills and then only spending on other necessities. The best thing is that I no longer had to stand in line to pay my bills, as the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card came with FREE Bill Pay which allowed me to pay my bills online. Each time a transaction is made, I would receive alerts on my current balance to ensure I can load enough cash for the next time.

Every since I started using this card, I have never turned back to the conventional no credit check credit cards anymore. I am no in control of my spending and able to save money for a rainy day.

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