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No Credit Check Credit Card

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no credit check credit card

People are always fascinated about the lives of celebrities and famous people. "Oh, Jessica Alba is pregnant! Tiger Woods is not faithful! Lady Gaga is a nymphomaniac!" everyone talks about these people and how they live. The clothes they were, the fashion they spend on, their houses, wallets, cars, Twitters, make-ups, break-ups, and even let-ups. What people fail to realize is what the celebrities use to purchase their fancy Prada shoes. In general, what most of them use is a no credit check credit card called the Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card.

Why this particular card some may ask? I have personal first-hand experience on what makes this particular no credit check credit card so popular among the rich and famous. The sheer accessibility and number of options to pump funds into the account are what makes this baby tick. The obvious way would be to deposit our paychecks into the Vision Card directly, instantly receiving the funds, ready to be used within the hour.

Furthermore, another perk that Vision Card holders benefit from is the no-questions-asked policy they adhere. For example, as long as there are enough funds in my Vision Card, there is no limit as to how much I can splurge on fancy footwear. And that is a lot of money we are talking about (a pair of good Testoni's would easily sport a hefty price tag of 4 digits). So what about security? Wouldn't that run the risk of fraud? Thankfully, being the no credit check credit card that the Vision Card is, it is also under the Visa Zero Liability policy. This means that if by any chance the card is stolen and used by someone else, Visa would waive the charges and issue a new card immediately.

Another feature I like about the Vision Card is the easy access to cash I have. I am able to get cash from millions of ATM locations worldwide, all eligible due to Visa® being the parent company of the Vision Card. Besides that, I am also able to login to my Vision Card account 24/7 to view my monthly statement, account history, payment history, and spending summary. This allows me to control and judge how much money I should spend on every outing. Ironic how a no credit check credit card can indirectly limit my spending habits.

After signing up online, my new Vision Card arrived within a week of subscription. Upon which I was required to call the phone number on the card to activate it. After that I just had to add funds into the account and it turns into a magical piece of laminated PVC.

Therefore, whether you plan to spend like there is no tomorrow just like Paris Hilton, or limit your spending to fixed amounts, this no credit check credit card is definitely the card you want to be using. Make no mistake, the Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card is for anyone and everyone, not just the more fortunate who live in massively huge mansions.

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