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No Credit Check Bank Account

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no credit check bank account

Having a bad credit history? Do not even have any credit history? Having problems with the banks? Bankrupt and having a bad time now to even wanting to spend your very own cash on purchases? Here is the card for you, a prepaid debit card. A prepaid debit card offers no credit checks, no bank account. No credit checks, no bank account? It sounds too good to be true? Well, you are not dreaming. Prepaid debit cards do offer these features.

As we are all aware, when you use your credit card, you are not using your own money. You are actually borrowing money from your card provider. Well, I am now part of the statistics whereby I borrowed too much and having problems paying my debts. When you are late for payments, do you think your card provider or bank will just let you go easily? No! I am getting calls from my bank almost every day and they love to pick the time when you are resting to inflict more pressure on you. I get calls at late nights and early mornings. These people do not have to sleep? I really wonder…Not only that, they do not call you only once. My record is getting calls up to 3 times a day chasing me like hell. If they notice you are not picking up the calls from their usual lane line number, they will even change to cell phones knowing people are more willing to pick up cell phone numbers. Never knew how creative banks and card issuers can be.

Now that I am still in debts with them, I know my credit history is down the drain. I will face problems getting new credit cards or even debit cards issued by banks. Thus, I got myself Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card as a fall back solution. This prepaid card has no credit checks, no bank account. You might ask: It is also a card, why no credit checks, no bank account? It is simple. Prepaid cards do not report to the major credit reporting agencies. Money is debited directly from my prepaid card account, not a bank account. I am using my very own cash now, neither borrowing from any banks nor card issuers anymore. What credit is there to be checked? It is also a good way for me to re-discipline myself as there is no chance for me to overspend as I am limited to only the fund I load in this card. No more, no less.

Besides these, as prepaid cards are not attached to any banks, you do not have to worry your personal information, social security code etc being abused by whoever who stole your card. As for my Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card, I am protected by Visa`s Zero Liability Policy. I am already in debts. I do not need any more troubles caused by unauthorized purchases via my stolen card. Prepaid cards are not only the best alternative for people like me. They are also very convenient for frequent travelers. Who wants to bring a huge bundle of cash around when they travel? Travelling, vacations are meant to be a getaway from all the stress etc. you face everyday. How relaxing is it having a pocket full of cash knowing you might easily loose them, either stolen or you dropped them accidently.

In short, all I have to say is prepaid cards especially my Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card is suited for people like me and also frequent travelers. No credit checks, no bank account. Hassle free, debt free.

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