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Instant Credit Card Approval

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instant credit card approval

'Credit cards, can't live with their debts, can't live without them'. I bet this phrase relates to a majority of the public out there. I am certain that anyone reading this would probably have at least one credit/debit card in their wallets, if not both, the case usually being the latter. I am like no other, I have cards stashed into every crevice of my slim wallet, and I am not proud of it. (Impulsive shopping is not only a bad habit, it is a massively expensive one as well).

But there is one card I use more often than the others; one card that is and will always be my consistent 1st choice. That is the Vision PremierŽ Prepaid VisaŽ Card. Why this card in particular some may ask? That is because I receive instant credit card approval whenever I charge it to my account, no questions asked. So is it hard to get such a wonderful device?

Contrary to popular belief, the registration is relatively easy and straight-forward, in that all I was required to provide was my first and last name, email address, home address, city, zip code, home phone number, date of birth, and a few more details, and voila! I received an instant credit card approval and the card was sent directly to my doorstep in a few days.

With this being a prepaid card, I can actually limit my spending based on how much I pump into the card. I treat it as any common credit card, with the exception of being able to control my spending and not go overboard with that overpriced GucciŽ handbag that everyone is raving about. Among other features is the ability to automatically deposit all or part of your paychecks, government or Social Security check directly to your Vision Card account, having instant credit card approval and immediate access to funds without waiting in line at the bank.

The basic fees of my card are the initial $9.95(only once) activation fee, the $6.95 recurring monthly fee, and ATM withdrawal fee of $1.95 per withdrawal, coupled with several minor miscellaneous fees that are barely worth mentioning.

The way I go about adding cash to my Vision Card account is via PayPal, but there are other ways to go about it, such as direct deposit, card-to-card transfers, or the simplest way would be pumping cash directly into the account. All these processes have instant credit card approval from the company.

All in all, I am glad I have found a card that functions just the way I like it. No hidden fees, no hidden clauses, and certainly no hassle as I am able to do everything online with just a few clicks. I am even able to check the balance of my card anytime I swipe it. All these conveniences coupled with the instant credit card approval granted when applying for the card make for the perfect combination. Try the Vision PremierŽ Prepaid VisaŽ Card out now and never look back!

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