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instant approval

When you use your credit card, you are not using your own money. You are actually borrowing money from the bank or the financial institution which issues it. As it is not your own hard earned money and you know you are not in a rush to pay it back 1 lump sum, you tend to buy, buy and buy; shop until you drop. This is how credit cards debt made it to the first place for personal bankruptcy. Many people will say: It is me, being bankrupt, none of your business. Well, may I ask, how good do you feel being bankrupt? How is the feeling being rejected by 1 bank and another even for a debit card? Now, look at the big picture. Social issues will raise, robberies, fraud etc. will fall in place 1 by 1, escalating along the line of numbers of bankruptcies. Thus, it is not a personal issue at all.

Now, when you are bankrupt or suffering from poor credit history, what are your options to a card? Frankly, you do not have many options left. The best cards would be reloadable prepaid debit cards. Why? It is simple. These cards do not carry out credit checks. Without credit checks, employment verifications etc. these cards are able to provide you instant approval. Besides these, prepaid debit cards are not attached to any banks. Thus, instant approval is available as time is saved from going through the routine bank checking. Just think logically. You are loading your own money into these prepaid debit cards and debiting them out as you spend. Unlike credit cards, you are now using your own money. Thus, why do you need any approvals to start with? You are not a 3 year old anyway.

Instant approvals can be as instant as a mouse click away. You just have to file in your application online and you will get instant approval for your card. You will be able to start spending in no time. You might ask how I am going to spend instantly when information like card number etc. is printed on the physical card and it will take time for me to get it. Well, you will receive a virtual debit card upon application, holding all the information needed for you to start purchasing i-m-m-e-d-i-a-t-e-l-y. Your physical card will then arrive in about a week`s time. Satisfied about this feature of instant approval now? Why or how do I know the procedures so well? I, myself, purchased my Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card online and it has served me well.

Last but not least, I have few tips here regarding how to guard your prepaid debit card. As you get instant approval for these cards, you get to spend your money instantly as well. When you spend, please keep all your receipts with you. Yes, it might be a hassle. Your bag might end up looking like a rubbish bag. But if you just throw your receipts around, a thief can easily get your debit card number and your name merely by phone or mail. Thieves are not dummies nowadays. You do not have to loose your card physically to face an identity theft. Though I am protected with Visa`s Zero Liability Policy, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

Besides this, please do not write your PIN number on your card or place it anywhere near your card like in the same bag. Just memorize it. Please come up with a more complicated set of numbers and words so that it will not be easily figured out even if stolen. Though I enjoy free PIN and signature transactions for my Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card, this does not mean I have to use them because they are free. I am not a free loader. I would rather set a complicated PIN and memorize it once and for all.

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