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Guaranteed Credit Card

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guaranteed credit card

I have just started working and never owned a credit card before this. Any time that I needed one, I would simply borrow one from my parents or older siblings. But now, that I am an adult I realized that I could not depend on other people for a credit card as I had to be responsible to pay for my own purchases and bills. It was no problem for me to apply for credit cards, as banks would be fighting for new customers and a familiar phrase stuck in my head is ‘guaranteed credit card approval`. It basically means that I am assured that I would be given the credit card after making my application.

When I had my day off from work, I went to a foreign branch bank which I already had an account there to apply for my credit card. Outside the bank, there was already a big banner promoting the low interest payments and customers were guaranteed credit card approval in 2 working days. At the counter, the officer was so delighted to have a new customer and within a few minutes, I filled up all the forms with necessary details. After that, I was told that I would be given a call by the officer to confirm but she assured me that I would be guaranteed credit card approval with no difficulties at all.

The whole process was a breeze. 2 days later, I received a call expecting to be asked to collect my credit card. To my horror, I was told that I was not eligible at all as the bank would not trust my insufficient funds deposited with them. I fought back based on the guaranteed credit card approval but was told to check the fine print in the terms and conditions.

I decided to go online and an overseas friend introduced me to Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card. He told me that he was a customer and the card was extremely useful and simple to use. In addition, it serves as a Debit card and I would need to have enough cash deposited in the card in order to spend. I visited the site and the homepage stated that the company guaranteed credit card approval. I felt skeptical, but since my friend had recommended it and there were no application fees, I decided to give it a try. I filled in my details and was told that the card would be sent to my mailing address in 7 days.

To my amazement, the card really arrived within a week and I was to call the number on my card to activate it. In addition, there were various outlets like Walmart where I could deposit cash into my card. This was useful for me especially in managing my spending. Whatever I spent was what I could actually afford and there was no need to worry about any monthly interest payments.

In addition, the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card comes with FREE Bill pay, a feature which allows me to pay all my bills online. I no longer had to stand in the queue to pay my bills and this really saved me so much hassle and time. To ensure I have enough money in my card, I signed up for the free alerts via sms and mail. Each time I used my card, I would be alerted via SMS and email on my current balance. I could also check all my transactions via my online account.

In conclusion, I am absolutely satisfied with the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card. It is definitely true to its promise for guaranteed credit card approval. The company is also very transparent regarding its fees for any transactions.

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