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Guaranteed Credit Card Approval

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guaranteed credit card approval

When I was younger I had a problem with overspending I`m sad to say. As a young working graduate earning a four figure salary it was easy for me to apply for and receive credit cards from various banking institutions. I had a total of 5 cards 3 Visa and 2 MasterCard. In the beginning it was all fun and games, after getting my first card it was just too easy to get more, it was almost a guaranteed credit card approval. I lived the high life getting the latest gadgets, eating in the best restaurants and going on holiday. I also spent a lot on nightlife going from pub to pub each weekend. Soon I needed more credit cards and thanks to my prior cards and records I had guaranteed credit card approval at my fingertips.
It is just so easy to spend money with credit cards, you don`t even realize how much you have used until the monthly statement arrives.

They say when you`re young you never think and that was true of me. If I had done my maths correctly I would have realized that my salary of $5000 could never have covered the total credit of all 5 of my cards, a staggering $30,000. To cut a long story short I soon had almost exhausted my credit limit and was on the brink of being blacklisted by the financial bureau for inability to settle my credit card debts. In the end I had to take a cash loan to settle all my debts. I now realized the heavy price of my guaranteed credit card approvals before. After 3 years of slowly paying of my loan my name was once again clean and I was in theory allowed to apply once more for a credit card. But now wiser from my past experience I was loath to do so although I did miss the convenience of using a card to pay for my bills and shopping.

That`s when I found out about the Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card. Finally there was a suitable card for my needs that eliminated the overspending factor; even if I wanted to I could only spend as much money as there was in the card. It was also a guaranteed credit card approval regardless of my past credit record as a debit card is just like a prepaid card thus credit records were irrelevant. Come to think about it the guaranteed credit card approval would also be handy for people in the lower income group and students needing a credit card facility. All things said the Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card performs just like a standard credit card other than the fact you have to top it up from time to time or have a standing bank order to make sure there is some money in the card.

Well, who knows in the future I may apply for another credit card, but right now my prepaid debit card takes care of all my needs sufficiently.

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