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Free Prepaid Credit Cards

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free prepaid credit cards

As a working adult, I find that I have very little time free time to spend on recreational activities as opposed to when I was still a student. This is not only due to my work obligations but also with the rush of city life itself, there is always some chore that needs to be completed such as paying bills, doing laundry, cleaning the house or going to the bank. I especially detested paying bills such as my cable TV subscription, electric and water bills.

I'm sure any working adult will attest to the soul sapping monotony of having to wait in line to pay bills at the local post office, surely in this modern world there must be a solution. Well I knew about credit cards and the convenience of using them to pay bills online or for shopping in lieu of cash, nonetheless I had refrained from applying for a credit card as I had watched many friends of mine go into debt for using their credit cards to shop beyond their means. I simply did not trust that I had enough self restraint to prevent this scenario from happening to me and thus I hadn't applied for any.

If only there existed free prepaid credit cards to help solve my dilemma; happily I found out there was. I was able to solve most of my problems once I found out about the wonderful world of free prepaid credit cards or debit cards as they are widely known. Free prepaid credit cards are a wonderful little invention where the card holder gets all the convenience of a credit card without the danger of overspending as the user can only spend as much as he or she credits into the card.

To apply for a free prepaid credit card is also much simpler as the person applying need not worry about having to fulfill any prerequisite such as earning a certain income. Debit cards work just like a prepaid telephone card, just load it with credit and use. With a debit card I am able to pay for all my bills online from the comfort of my own home and at the time of my choosing, I also book all my airline and hotel tickets online using my debit card too and when I go shopping I don't need to carry around large amounts of cash as my debit card is accepted at all vendors that accept Visa which means the card is accepted many outlets worldwide as visa is the most widely used credit or debit card in the world.

Although there are many providers of free prepaid credit cards I picked Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card. as their package was the most suitable to my needs. Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card also offers competitive prices for their excellent service. Anyhow I find that I have more free time to spend on my leisure activities instead of rushing here and there now that I have my debit card and I am extremely grateful for that.

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