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Like any other woman, shopping is my best friend and perfect comfort whenever I feel stressed out or sad. I am particularly obsessed with bags, and have a whole collection in which half have not even been taken out even once. At the age of 18, my spending habits were extremely scary and my parents decided to get me a debit visa card so that I would not have to bring around so much cash. I was elated thinking that I would have unlimited spending power, but to my dismay, I found that it was limited to the amount of cash that my parents would load in for me. If I wanted extra, it would have to come out of my own pocket.

At the same time, I found out that many of my peers owned supplementary credit cards from their parents. Whenever we went shopping, I felt so left out that they could spend up to thousands of dollars while my debit visa card only allowed me to spend up to the limits which were set by my parents. I was so angry, ashamed and jealous and determined to get a credit card just like my friends.

However, my mindset changed after I attended a course about learning to make money. The speaker warned of debt traps due to overspending with the credit card. He also explained that the key to financial success is by learning to manage and be frugal with your money. From that point, I was thankful that my parents gave me a debit visa card for my own good. However, I was determined to monitor my spending and the current debit visa card I had did not allow me to do so, only sending me a statement once in 3 months.

I chatted with the speaker and he suggested Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card which is basically like a debit visa card but has more features and allows me to have an online account to check my transactions. I went home and visited the website to find out more about this card. It was free to sign up and I applied online in which I was mailed my card in 7 days. After calling the number to activate the cards, I could immediately start loading cash in and monitoring my spending by logging into my online account.

In addition, I signed up for the free alerts where Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card would send my alerts via SMS and email of my current balance each time I used the card. This was especially useful to confirm my past transaction amount was correct and for me to load cash in when it was running low. On top of that, FREE Bill Pay allowed me to pay for all my bills online and I even helped my family to pay all the utilities and water bills online. My parents were very amazed with this debit visa card and gave me extra cash now and then as I had changed my spendthrift attitude.

Loading cash into the card is free but there are also some fees in case the card gets loss and activation fee. Nevertheless, the company is fair and publishes all the fees accordingly on its website. Overall, I am very pleased with the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card as they are efficient and transparent with customers. In addition, monitoring my transactions has helped me build up a decent saving account for myself.

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