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Credit Cards With No Credit Check

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credit cards with no credit check

I am a fresh graduate, just entered the working world but have established my own online business during my university days. I keep a low profile so very few people except my family and friends know much about me. I have always been interested in business since young, and always followed my father to the bank whenever I had the opportunity in order to learn how things in real life really work. One important thing that I learnt was about credit rating, where the borrower is checked if they have been reliable in past dealings and only then would the bank approve the loan. However, I also learnt about credit cards with no credit check, simply meaning the banks did not check if one had defaulted on previous loans. All the banks did was to approve a spending limit based on one`s monthly income.

I have always been thinking that credit cards with no credit check are rather dangerous for both the bank and consumers. It is of course to the bank`s benefit if consumers spend more than they can afford and incur a high bill each month, but in the case of users who default, it would be a long process for the bank to regain back their money. I am a careful person in spending, and only applied for my first credit card after I graduated, as I saw no point in having it during my university days.

One day, I went to the bank which I had an account and decided to apply for a credit card. Before that, I asked the customer service if they offered credit cards with no credit check, as the bulk of my income was stored in online accounts for my online business. My monthly cash flow into my local bank account was rather low. At the counter, the lady was extremely rude to me, as she saw that my monthly income was so low. She refused to even give me a form to fill. She did not have to know that I actually had money; I just left and later lodged a complaint about her to the headquarters.

I found an idea, since I had an online business, I was sure there would be people offering credit cards online. I checked with my online contacts, and was introduced to Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card. Unlike credit cards with no credit check, this card is a debit card where I need to load cash in before spending-thus there was no need for any credit check at all. This card was perfect for me to spend according to my affordability instead of incurring a high interest paying bill at the end of the month. I immediately applied for the card online and received it in 7 days. After calling the number on my card, it was immediately activated and I loaded cash into it through my online ATM account.

I was so happy with the card as it offered so much privacy and convenience. It came with FREE bill pay and I no longer had to queue up to pay my bills-everything could be done online. On top of that, I could easily keep track of my past transactions by logging in to my online account, printing a copy for my own record. There was also a free service which was alerts via SMS and email to keep me alert of my current balance each time I swiped the card. This card is miles better than credit cards with no credit check, I do not even have to talk to any staff to get this card. The website is so clear and they state out clearly where charges may apply to certain transactions.

Overall, I would recommend anyone looking to manage their spending easily to apply for Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card. It is reliable, easy and most of all offers you service that is way better than credit cards with no credit check which are actually not so true if the bankers see that you may have little income.

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