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Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval

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credit cards guaranteed approval

It is all about business and the irony is banks would always want to lend you more money when you have a lot but would lend you nothing when you most need financing. The same goes for credit cards, where the advertisements on credit cards guaranteed approval are simply half truth. If I do not have a steady income or little income, the bank would probably not approve my credit card or give me a very low limit. However, I had started working and felt that I needed a credit card as bringing too much cash was pretty dangerous.

One day, I decided to visit my bank to apply for a credit card. The lady at the customer service counter assured me that their credit cards guaranteed approval was valid for all existing bank account holders. Upon hearing that, I was confident that I could obtain my credit card without any hassle. When it was my turn, I went to the designated counter and filled in all the necessary forms. The officer told me that I could pick up the card after she had obtained her superior`s signature in 2 working days.

Sure enough, I received a call expecting good news that my card was ready. To my horror, the officer informed me that my application had been declined as the bank now only wanted to offer platinum card to high income people, which obviously I was not. I argued with her about the bank`s promise for credit cards guaranteed approval and all she could do was to apologize for not informing me of the bank`s new policy. I did not want to waste my time and looked for other options.

As I was expressing my dissatisfaction to my colleagues, one of them quickly introduced me to Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card whereby I could apply online on its website. She had been using its service over a year and was very satisfied. As this was a debit card where I needed to load cash before being able to use the card, there was completely no necessity for credit cards guaranteed approval. It was instant approval the moment I apply and I needed to wait for the card to arrive in a week. I gave it a try and upon receiving my card and activating it with a small fee, I was ready to start using it.

With Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card, I have been able to monitor my spending through my online account on the website. In addition, loading cash into my card is not a problem as it can be done at various ATM machines or major retail outlets all over the USA. I also signed up for the free balance alerts via SMS and email where I could keep track of my current balance and know when I needed a reload. Best of all, FREE Bill Pay saves me from queuing up to pay for my bills as I could settle of them online just by using my debit card number.

With this card, I no longer need credit cards guaranteed approval as my application is processed immediately without the need for any superior`s signature. In addition, the company has been very fair and transparent in charging its fees on customers. There is a clear table of the fees charged on the website. I am very satisfied with this card and would recommend anyone looking to manage their spending to try Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card.

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